Mini Golf rules

Groups of players can be from 1 to 5 people.


Each player receives a differently marked ball (distinguished by colour). The players tee off one after the other at the tee, which means that the course is not entered until everyone has put his or her ball into play.


A player starts with the tee stroke and tries to sink the ball with as few strokes as possible. The entire area before the course numbering is considered to be the tee area.


If the ball leaves the course (artificial turf), it may be placed on the low artificial turf again at the point where it left the course.

The player receives a penalty stroke for this.


If the ball lands in a water hazard, it is placed back on the nearest part of the course by hand. The player receives an additional penalty stroke.

The player whose ball is furthest from the hole must shoot his or her ball next. In other words, the ball that still has the longest distance to the hole must be played first.


The group may not start their game on the course until the group ahead of them has left the course.


If the ball lands in the rough (high grass) or on other obstacles, the player can try to shoot it onto the course again. If the ball is declared unplayable, it can be placed by hand on the nearest part of the course. The player then receives an additional stroke as a penalty. If the ball is lying directly against an obstacle or a course boundary, it can be placed in a better position by up to one putter-head length.


If a player does not sink his or her ball with a maximum of 10 strokes, the course is finished for this player and is scored with 12 strokes.


A course is considered completed when the player has sunk his or her ball in the hole or reached 10 strokes.


The sum of strokes for all 14 courses yields the final result. The winner is the player who needed the least strokes.




Die Spielgruppen können aus 1 bis 5 Spielern bestehen.


Jeder Spieler erhält einen anders gekennzeichneten Ball (Unterscheidung durch Farbe). Die Spieler schlagen nacheinander am Abschlag ab, das bedeutet, die Spielbahn wird erst dann betreten, wenn alle ihren Ball gespielt haben.


Ein Spieler beginnt mit dem Abschlag und versucht mit möglichst wenigen Schlägen den Ball einzulochen. Als Abschlag gilt der gesamte Bereich vor der Bahnen-Nummerierung.


Verlässt der Ball die Bahn (Kunstrasen), darf er an der Stelle, an der er die Bahn verlassen hat, wieder auf den niedrigen Kunstrasen aufgelegt werden.



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